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Burtons specialise in affordable Buyers Surveys for domestic properties.
Our surveys are intended to provide 'peace of mind' for your purchase and are presented in a user-friendly format avoiding the usual surveyors gobbledegook. We include lots of photographs so you can clearly see what we're talking about.

Burton's Buyer's Survey:
What's involved?

When you buy a property it is recommended to have an independent report on its condition. Burton’s Buyer’s Survey is a general purpose building condition survey, presented in an accessible format, with photographs and other documents. I will provide an objective opinion about the condition of the property for you, as the buyer. The main aim of this report is to inform you of any serious defects or issues that may need attention and may affect your decision to buy the property.

Tell me more:
What's included?

Your survey will cover everything accessible without disturbing the property, from the drains right up to the roof.
It will also cover environmental risks such as subsidence and flooding, and health risks such as dampness and radon.
The report will tell you about the construction and condition of the property on the date it was inspected, whether more enquiries or investigations are needed before you buy the property and the Reinstatement Cost for insurance purposes.

Best of all, we offer a post-survey telephone consultation to discuss any concerns you may have.
Surveys start at £350 fully inclusive and usually take 2 working days to complete.
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